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A Message From Our Principal

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Welcome to The Bijou School.  I am Dr. Mary-Catherine Ruben-Clapper, your proud dragon principal of The Bijou School.  My students call me Dr. MC, and please feel free to do so as well. 

The Bijou School serves students in grades 9th -12th and awards a Colorado Springs School District 11 Diploma. We are The Bijou Dragons, and We are FIRED UP!   

  • We FOCUS on our academic achievement;  
  • We can IMAGINE our academic growth;  
  • We show RESPECT through student engagement;  
  • We EMPOWER our future with post-secondary workforce readiness;  
  • We are DETERMINED to find our UNIQUE POTENTIAL! 

An empathic, experienced staff encourages and supports students to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals. Teachers use a variety of instructional materials, including online resources, textbooks, and multi-media content. The highly qualified staff holds themselves to the same rigorous expectations as their students. The team participates in regular personal and professional development to ensure the best instruction for their students.  

Our curriculum meets Colorado state standards, and assignments must be mastered at an A, B, or C level to receive credit. Our Counseling Department, including a Social Worker, is available to guide students in meeting their social, emotional, and life goals. The Bijou School partners with Career Pathways, to offer students the opportunity to prepare for their future through career education. (See Career Pathway registration guide for offerings.) 

What makes The Bijou School different? 

  • 9th-12th Grades including 5th,6th, & 7th-year Seniors 
  • 180-190 students in the Entire School 
  • 18-21 students per Classroom 
  • Credits earned every Quarter 
  • Attendance for Academic Progress as opposed to Compulsory Attendance 
  • Co-Labs provide Opportunities for Students to Recover Credits and Graduate on Time.
  • If you are earning a passing grade in a class, but you are absent for more than 9 days a quarter, you will receive an "I" for Incomplete and retake the course.  
  • Restorative Practice/Restorative Justice as opposed to Punishment 
  • You will participate in Connection Circles to Build Relationships and Restorative Circles to Promote Personal Accountability.  
  • Mastery Learning as opposed to Passing 
  • You must earn 70% or better to earn credit. If you make less than 70%, you will receive an "I" for Incomplete, and you must retake the course. for Incomplete and  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with you and your student.  Together, we will dare to empower each whole student to profoundly impact our world. 

Dr. Mary-Catherine (Dr. MC) Ruben-Clapper