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Mission & Goals

The mission of The Bijou Alternative High School Counseling Department is to develop students with academic, personal/social and workplace competencies by providing a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that is available to all Bijou students. The Program will be administered by the school’s guidance staff in partnership with other educators, parents or guardians, as well as members of the community. The Program will empower all Bijou students to achieve at the highest levels and to ultimately become productive members of society.

Kristyn Gray

Karla Castro

Kendall Alvis
Social Worker

We maintain the following:

• All students have dignity & worth.

• All students have the right to participate in the school’s counseling program.

• All students’ unique personalities and special needs are considered when planning and implementing our programs.

We will deliver services which support students in the following areas:

• Crisis Intervention

• Academic Skill Development

• Career Exploration

• College and Post-Secondary Planning

• Personal/Social Skill Development

Our services are available to all of our students 

Group Counseling: Very often students share similar career, life, and school concerns.  Small group activities can be effective in providing assistance to students sharing common concerns.  Small group activities may be conducted periodically during the school year to support student needs.  Students will be included in group counseling voluntarily or by referral from parents or school staff.

Classroom Guidance is an effort to effectively provide important guidance information. We will also work closely with school administration and classroom teachers to deliver guidance activities. support the mission and goal of School District 11 and The Bijou School.  

Standardized Testing Preparation, Administration, and Results Interpretation: We will assist with standardized test administration, such as CSAP tests.  When appropriate, the counselor will support students in discovering resources to help them prepare for these and other standardized tests, such as the ASVAB, ACT and/or SAT tests. Where appropriate, the counselor will assist students in interpreting testing results or with identifying resources to assist them with interpretations.

Individual Counseling  

One-on-one counseling may be initiated by the student or school counselor. Requests to meet individually with certain students may also be made by teachers, parents or other school staff. The counselor will work with students to successfully address critical issues and identify resources that may meet student needs.


The Counseling Department will protect the confidentiality of information as required by federal and state laws, written policies of School District 11 and the Ethical Standards for School Counselors (ASCA, June, 1998).  At a minimum, the counselor will keep information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the student being counseled or others.